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Ok, followers this collecion might look familiar to some, but for those who do not know this is the Spring Summer 2007 Alexander McQueen collection. To add on top of that this year it will be celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary. (Seeing how it made its debut at fashion week back in 2006) After looking through this collection the reason I posted some of my favorite photos from this collection is because I am taking on a new fashion project. Well It’s not actually new I’ve been working on it for a few weeks this summer, but this time I actually can get the ball rolling on it.

The fashion project I’m working on will be featured in the City of Buffalo’s annual Music is Art Festival. Which is a free music festival that takes place at Buffalo’s famed Delaware park which is also near their world famous Albright-Knox gallery. Now the fashion project I’m working on will be incorporated into the festivals art portion. Since Fashion i actually  for of art.

My two partners, one of them being the lady behind Reap what You Sew, another fashion blog here on tumblr, and a girl named Mary Anne, who was featured in one of my slideshows, were given the tasks of making over the top, larger than life dresses, that incorporated a trasformational aspect. So all three of us bounced ideas around, and that’s when mary Anne, had came up with the idea to do an homage to one of her favorite Alexander McQueen collections which was the Spring 2007 collection. Then to add even more Keshanta, and I had thought of tying playing cards with it as well, especially the hearts suit, and as we talked this over to one of the people behind of the Fashion portion of the music is Art festival, they actually loved the idea, and thought it would be a very nice twist on Alice in Wonderland.

   Now with all that being said here’s a slideshow of some of the Images from the Spring/ Sumer 2007 collection that are inspiring me, and as I read the review, Sara Mower, a writer for style.com said some of the pieces in this particular McQueen collection are reminscent of the Edwardian period, so I shall look to that as well.

http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/S2007RTW-AMCQUEEN/#slide=0 Here’s the link