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As Diane von Furstenbug was interviewed about her collection she told Hamish Bowles of Vogue magazine that her inspiration this season were women she viewed as American legends. She threw such names in as Millicent Rogers, Gloria Vanderbilt, Diana Veerland, and Nancy Cunrand. All fashionistas in their own right. At first I didn’t know who these women were, and as I looked the collection the first time. I thought von Furstenburg had lost her edge, and was letting her age show through her designs. Although after looking up theses women, and seeing what the wore, and see why von Furstenburg chose to design what she did it all makes sense now.

   The silhouette was very shifty, but was also very drapy. Which kinda catered to more of Veerland in a sense. The legs were covere with dress that ended at the knee or mid calf, and boots werepaired with them so they could meet half way. Most of the pieces were long sleeved and had a very Southwestern vibe to it,and envoked a 70’s mood in the same process.

   The fabrics that von Furstenburg used to shape that silhouette were Mongolian lamb, types of chiffon, and suede which was used predominately for the boots. Woth that in mind I think suede accessories might be in this upcoming fall and winter, and once again there was leather thrown in, but von Furstenburg didn’t have it everywhere in her collection. She used it for a leather belt, and a cropped moto jacket, which was very nice.

  The color scheme for her collection featured the extremes of the color spectrum, with few hints of the middle. She had the contrast of black, and white thrown in there, and on the opposite end she had bright shades or red, blue, green, and fuschia. Which I thought was quite interesting, and it I feel that if von Furstenburg didn’t have those color her collection couldve ended up looking boring.

   Another way von Furstenburg added extreme to her collection was by having pattern everywhere. She had colorblocked stripes going diagonally across a dress. She had geometric, and some southwestern theme were added also. Overall the von Furstenburg collection did have its extremes but other than that it was ok. After watching the video, I can tell you it’s not a collection that really photographs well.

http://www.vogue.com/collections/fall-2011/diane-von-furstenberg/review/#/collection/runway/fall-2011/diane-von-furstenberg/1 Look for yourself