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The missing stitches

Hello followers,

I know it’s been a while, but to be honest I was going through very personal issues, and I felt that i could no longer give you what you wanted regarding fashion because i wasn’t as in love with it as i used to be.
While taking this almost two year hiatus I realized that i did miss fashion. I missed talking about the runway shows giving my take and insight on what was happening within the fashion Industry seeing which direction fashion will be taking.
I will admit that i was hesitant to come back. In the time that I’ve been gone Instagram has developed into the fashion Mecca where you can buy clothes, see what the fashion flock is wearing first hand and possibly start a trend yourself. To add the E! Network has launched the program Fashion Police and it’s taken off.
With that being said i hope the 83 followers i have Left will listen to, what i have to say, and i hope new followers will want to listen to me as well. Blair will be undergoing a nip and tuck, although in due time i will come back.

1980’s Fashions; Zandra Rhodes

1980s fashions; vivienne westwood

1980’s fashion; VERSACE

1980’s Fashion; Valentino

1980’s fashions

1980’s fashion various designers

1980’s fashions various designers

1980’s fashion Pauline Trigere

1980’s Fashions.. Madane gres